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jewelry. boards. art. photography.

The Cultivated Life takes a lifetime to grow and my family is my primary garden, but when there is time in the margins

...I create.

Adventures in life lead to adventures in art. 


50% of all profits are given between 3 non-profits: Safe Families For Children, Solace Theatre, and UBORA.

See non-profits page of information



Craggy Mountain Dawn

I make all different pendants and earrings out of a variety of woods and resin. I also make jewelry our of silver and copper. These can all be found on the Jewelry tab.


This small wood and resin handmade pendant is made from a really cool, very hard burl root. It reminds me of mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania that we visited in the summer of 2018. (see photography) 


steadfast charcuterie.jpg

"Steadfast" Charcuterie Board

Live edge wood and resin charcuterie board.  I make these and various styles of cheeseboards. Sometimes I will have some in stock and others can be ordered and personalized. 


Often my art is influenced by the effects of scripture (Bible) on my heart and mind. The steadfast love of the Lord often brings to mind the image of the sea. The waves on the beach are continuous, and while a storm may rage on the surface (of life) the deep of the sea is unchanged (steadfast love God).



Looking down on

Mount Kilimanjaro

I have had the privilege to travel to places all over the world and meet amazing people. Along the way I loved to take pictures.


This past summer I had the privileged to travel with UBORA to the village of Karansi in Tanzania to help teach teachers and students at Siha Leadership Academy about literature, LEGOs, and logic. I went with two of my children, my dad, a friend of his, and a small medical team. We assisted the medical team in and around the village in the morning and then I worked with the teachers and the others worked with the students.  We have supported children here for many years and my dad has been involved for about 15 years so it was amazing to finally get to go and take some of my children.

Wood and Resin Gallery

Silver, Copper, and Enamel Gallery

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