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Christmas Order Deadline
December 1, 2021

Based on Supply and Availability

Flight Boards

Flight boards traditionally are used for drink tasting such beer, wine, and bourbon. Mini bar glasses of different styles can be used and a flight can be for one person or shared. 


These same glasses can be used for mini desserts such a trifles or yogurt parfaits. 


When not in use, mini candles or succulent pots could go in the holders.


The decorative wood and resin board is ideal to serve from and really adds great character. These can be customized in many ways. Cherry and walnut are my favorite woods to use but others can be chosen as well. Pick your resin color scheme to match your decor, sports team, or chose an ocean theme as that is my most standard board. Currently my boards have 4 carved out spaces for mini glasses but a custom order can be made to fit your needs. A space is left in the center for customized engraving. That back can also have a custom engraved message. 

There is usually enough room on the board to also add a row of cheese and crackers, mini appetizers, or chocolates. For a larger display of food, pair your flight board with a matching resin and wood cheeseboard.  


Here are some sample flights boards from previous orders. 


Flights and pairs

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