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Ocean Z Board Trio (1 Med and 2 Large)
  • Ocean Z Board Trio (1 Med and 2 Large)

    Ocean on Large and Medium Z shaped maple boards. These beautiful solid maple handcut boards are in the shape of a Z and can interconnect with oneanother. This gives one board for smaller events, medium events, and together for larger events. Boards can be purchased seperately and can be purchased as a pair. When all three boards are interlocked together they are 59x11.5". Individually the large boards are 24x11.5 and the medium is 20x11.5. 


    This board is designed to mimic actual zebras and how the interlock their necks. The zebra is the symbol for hypermoble Elhers Danlos Syndrom, a condition that I have. 


    Resin is food safe and can be used as a charcuterie board and cheese board. 


    Charcuterie boards are great to display and serve your favorite selection of appetizers, cheeses, meats, sushi and more. It is recommended not to cut on the resin portion of the board but the wood portion is fine to cut on.   


    Although I put a lot of time and care into each of my functional art pieces, occasionally imperfections or airbubbles may sneak their way in. Please be aware that colors my very slighly between photographs and in person. 



    • Care and Instructions

      Wood boards are not dishwasher, microwave, or oven safe. Please hand wash your board and dry after each use. Occasionally oil your board with food safe sealant or mineral oil to restore glow. 

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