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SFFC Walnut Ornament with Backing
  • SFFC Walnut Ornament with Backing

    This 2.5 inch round ornament is made of walnut plywood and laser cut/engraved. It is hung on a 10 inch blue satin ribon. These ornaments are sold at a special price for SFFC. 


    • Return Policy

      If an item is not satisfactory upon arrival, contact me immediately so we can set up your return. Please keep in mind that all pieces are handmade and therefore uniquely created. You will receive a full refund, minus shipping, once the item is returned to me in unused and perfect condition.  Items can also be exchanged for up to two weeks after the items has been received. The customer is responsible for shipping costs and will be credited minus the initial shipping cost. If you are not completely satisfied with your Cultivated Life Purchase, please don't hesitate contact me.  We make every effort to provide stellar customer service!

    • About the Wood

      Walnut Plywood is an ideal choice for kitchen accessories, desktop showpieces, or game pieces. It looks particularly smashing when contrasted with leathers or other woods. The micro-thin walnut layer is a rich, chocolate brown with hints of purple.

      About Proofgrade Plywood:

      Proofgrade plywoods are custom fabricated with an engineered wood core surrounded by a micro-thin layer of natural hardwood, resulting in a strong, beautiful, and versatile material that you’ll use every day. We match our hardwoods, plywoods, and veneers, so you can combine all three for a consistent and professional look. Each board is coated with a furniture-grade semi-gloss finish, and protected with a removable paper sheet, and encoded with a barcode for perfect settings. As a result, each print looks incredible straight out of the laser. Proofgrade plywood cores are engineered to be predictable from board to board, giving you the same consistent results from every print. The beautiful hardwood outer layer is a natural product, so each board will have a distinctive pattern and grain all its own.

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