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Single Side Family Ornament 2020
  • Single Side Family Ornament 2020

    Ornaments inside an ornament. This single sided family ornament can have 2-10 hanging mini ornament with one name inside each. The base layer can say
    "Our Family" or "the name of your family". The back of the ornament has 2020.


    This two layered engraved wood ornament can be designed in two colors. Chose from natural, brown, and red. The back is left in a natural wood color.

    *The standard combination is red on top with a natural base, so if nothing is specified than this is what it will be. 


    Please include each individual name and the family name. If you want them in a specific order please specifiy top row ... bottom row... these are usually evenly distributed.  If need be, ask for a copy of the layout per the number of names and I will email it to you.

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