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Small NC Local Comfort Box - general
  • Small NC Local Comfort Box - general

    Almost nothing is more comforting to me then sitting back with my favorite mug of coffee (kept warm because it is in a polar mug), writing in my journal, and indulging on toffee and dark chocolate! Fresh rosted Merry Oaks Coffee has been my go-to every morning for years and although Chapel Hill Toffee is a somewhat newer find, my grandmother growing up always made peanut brittle and chocolate fudge so this dark chocolate and toffee combo really hits close to home.   


    Cultivated Life: Polar Mug, and Coaster

    • Polar Mug can be in various colors based on availabilty
    • Tile Coaster with handpoured resin. IF customizing you can pick color or design style
    • From Holly Springs, NC: 

    Merry Oaks Coffee: Freshly roasted locally , 1/2lb whole bean

    Chapel Hill Toffee: Pecan and Dark Chocolate, 2oz

    • Traditional English toffee spread thin and cut by hand into bite sized squares. Each piece is coated on both sides with a top-secret blend of dark chocolates.
    • Chapel Hill, NC:
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