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Joy Sasser is the owner/artist of Cultivated Life and an active SFFC Raleigh NC volunteer. She serves as a SFFC Ministry Lead for Sovereign Grace Church of Apex, is a Family Coach, and host family. She also has served on the advisory committee for Raleigh SFFC.


Spawned from an idea for our local chapter... last year I designed an ornament and sent off to have it made but it was too expensive for our local very small budget. As I grew in my own skills and now own my own business and laser cutter, I am able to create the newly designed ornaments with this years theme and at a wholesale price for this not for profit.


Please see the options below if you are interested in buying ornaments for your church or SFFC chapter.  A blue backing and label can be added to the ornament. These can have a "Thank You" message, a fundraising message with your chapter specific URL donation page, or personalized message (per the order and based on constraints of label size).


Orders need to be made by OCTOBER 20th to be guaranteed a delivery by Dec 1st. I have to order wood if I don't have it in stock and it has slow shipping.   

Please include your tax exempt ID number at checkout.  If you do not have a tax exempt number please email me before the order because I will need to add tax.

Sorry! Time to order has closed!

If there is interest, I will consider doing this again next year with a new design option.

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