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Gift Baskets

Supporting Local NC Small Businesses with Curated Gift Baskets

These new baskets can be easy holiday, birthday, and thank you gifts. Find specific ones or create a custom order with your own choice of quotes on polar mugs, boards, or journals. 

These are some sample types of baskets we can customize.


NC Local Charcuterie Basket

Large Comfort Box

Large Comfort Box


Small Comfort Box


Mom's VIP Box


Simple Pleasures


Mom's Special

Below are specific baskets for sale.
Ones marked *general* are for custom orders

Local Small businesses represented in these baskets besides Cultivated Life:

San Giuseppe Salami Co, Spanish Style Chorizo, 4.5oz twin pack

  • Dry-aged Spanish-Style Chorizo using an all-natural casing, NC-raised pork and just a hint of paprika and cayenne.  

  • From Elon, NC:

Goat Lady Diary, Fig and Honey Chèvre Log, 5oz  (Please Refrigerate)

Accidental Baker, Sea Salt Flatbread Crackers, 5.5oz

Chapel Hill Toffee, Pecan and Dark Chocolate, 2oz

  • Traditional English toffee spread thin and cut by hand into bite sized squares. Each piece is coated on both sides with a top-secret blend of dark chocolates.

  • Chapel Hill, NC:

Merry Oaks Coffee: Freshly roasted locally , 1/2lb whole bean

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